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chaos there will be as well as a better chance of survival. Find out where the shelters are in your city and surrounding cities. Use the forms on this page to gather this information. Make several copies of your disaster plan to keep in different places. Place one with your disaster kit, one in your car, and anywhere else you would find beneficial. It’s also a good idea to keep photos of your Disaster Planning forms on your phone and computer.

Along with a plan you also need a disaster preparedness kit. You can build your disaster kit using the downloadable preparedness form on this page. You can also check places like Amazon for survival kits that already include many of the basics. In an emergency, power could be lost and cell phone towers could be down. In this case a wind up radio could come in handy for emergency information, as well as lanterns and extra batteries. Have enough food and water in your kit for each member of the family for at least 3 days. This will need to be rotated. Check the list for more items to add to your kit.

Write down the location of your emergency kit and household records. You might not be home when disaster strikes and someone else may need to locate these items.

I am not an expert in Disaster Planning. My interest is in everyone becoming aware of how important it is to be prepared for any disaster.

This page is for informational purposes and to help anyone interested to prepare for a successful exit out of any emergency situation.

A DISASTER CAN HAPPEN ANY PLACE OR ANY TIME. It doesn’t have to be a natural disaster like an earthquake or flood, it could be an emergency only in your neighborhood or only at your house. A tree could fall on your house or a fire could start in your home.  If a natural disaster happens you may get an evacuation notice which gives you some time to gather the things you need. At other times you may need to leave immediately, such as in a house fire. Being prepared can save you, your family and your pet from possible injury or death. Only about 15% of people know what to do or how to react in an emergency. 75% need to be told what to do. 

When disaster happens everything turns chaotic. To alleviate this chaos the best thing to do is get your Emergency Plan in place. Disaster Planning is something the whole family should be involved in, from the oldest to the youngest member. Plan different escape routes out of the house as well as two ways out of every room. Write down the Evacuation Plan and make sure every member of the family knows where it is kept along with the family paperwork and emergency kit.  Include every member of the family in your drills, including your pets. Plan one day a month to practice drills until it becomes familiar, then practice quarterly. The more familiarity each family member has with the plan, the less

Disaster Preparedness Resources​​

 Federal Emergency  Management Agency


​During a Disaster - text 90999 

For shelter locations and  weather updates        Weather Alert App
             www. fema.gov/mobile app

Pet Sitting in Your Home

​​Will Your Family be ready

if a Disaster happens in your home or neighborhood?