Lily                                               Charlie


Crickett, Peaches, & Peanut

Sashi, Forrest, & Smudge

“Laurie was able to relate well to our animals and immediately made friends with them. The cat loved her and the dalmatian, who is sometimes unpredictable, interacted well with her.

​She also left the house clean and neat and kept me informed during my absence. I plan to use her again soon when we leave town. It is important for me to feel that the house and animals are adequately cared for while we are gone.”
                                                                                                                                                            Laurie NB

You are an INCREDIBLE dog nanny & person.......from your Las Vegas Fan Club: Lily, Charlie, Grumpy, Zoe (and the fish with no names yet!). Ur the best Laurie!!!!Why anyone would use anyone else to watch their "kids" when they're not in town, I just don't know...When I leave town you take care of my 4 dogs with kindness & love! We appreciate you, "Pet Nanny" 

                                                                                                                  Brian,  Las Vegas, Nevada

We just can't quit talking about how well you cared for and spoiled the girls.  I think they miss you and are secretly plotting our next trip for us. Thanks again. You gave us peace of mind while we were away so that we could really enjoy our family time.
​ Anne. P
In our many opportunities to utilize The Pet Nanny’s services, Laurie has been reliable, prompt and pleasant.  She takes care to verify any instructions and follows through thoroughly.  I have always returned to a clean and orderly home, which is so nice after a long trip away.  In our particular situation, she attends to three elderly dogs and a cat.  One of our dogs has a complicated medical regimen which she follows to the letter.  Further, she even fills the bird feeders!  But now to the important things.  It only took one visit for our pets to appear perfectly comfortable with Laurie.  After that her visits were a seamless transition-it almost hurt my feelings!  In truth, nothing lets us enjoy a vacation like knowing our pets are being cared for in a kind and loving manner, and we have found that in Laurie.  I recommend her without reservation.  
​ Becky R.

Purrfect Pet Nanny 


Grumpy                                      Zoe


And The Fish with No Names

All photos taken by Laurie Weaver

Laurie Weaver, the Purrfect Pet Nanny, has cared for our pets for almost three years. Our pet family includes a variety of parrots, two poodles, and two desert tortoises. Laurie is a very compassionate pet sitter who takes the time to bond with all our pets. She pays attention to detail and is a fast learner for what needs to be done for each type of pet. We have been gone up to a week at a time and knew we could count on Laurie to keep our pets safe and happy. With our parrots, she preps fresh fruits and vegetables daily and changes paper in the cages when needed. Our poodles are exercised and loved, and she feeds and checks on our tortoises. When gone overnight, she stays in our home, picks up our mail, and always leaves our home clean and neat. We highly recommend the Purrfect Pet Nanny to care for your pets and give you peace of mind when leaving your pets at home for a day or for a vacation.

​                                                                                                      Bob and Barbara


It is not easy to find someone you trust to care for your beloved pets. Laurie is the best pet sitter I have ever had. I have 2 special needs Great Danes and a kitty, Laurie stays at the house so my "kids" can be comfortable at home. They are always in great condition and happy when I return, never stressed. I would highly recommend Laurie to care for your pets.”

                                                                                                                  Sarah K.