Helping to relieve your dogs separation anxiety doesn't end when the pet parents leave the house.  The Pet Sitter must continue to help the dog feel comfortable without their parents there. These are some of the ways I like to continue the anti-stress care.

*The first day  of the pet sit I stay close to home spending quality time with your pet and allowing him to get to know me better.

*Exercise  Running off steam is a great way to eliminate stress . Playing your pets favorite games shows them that it can be fun having a new playmate in the house.

*A comfortable spot Chances are your dog already has his own "place" in the house where his bed, blanket, and favorite toy are kept. This gives your dog a place to retreat to when he needs time to himself. If you are taking your dog with you or boarding him try to take some of these familiar items to leave with your pup.

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Laurie Weaver

Separation Anxiety

I believe your pet should have the best possible care while you are away as well as a great experience.  Animals like their routines and I strive to keep your pet in his normal routine helping to relieve stress and separation anxiety.  They are also more comfortable in their own environment which is why I come to your home to take care of your furry family members. So give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you.    


Helping Your Dog Cope

Does your dog have      

                separation anxiety?

The Pet Nanny's Responsibility

You can help relieve your dogs stress before the pet sitter arrives by using these tips to better prepare him for the Pet Sitter's arrival.

*Don't fuss over them. When your dog looks at you with those big sad eyes, it's normal to want to give him a big hug and lavish him with love. However, when your dog is feeling stressed or anxious, excessive displays of affection may signal to him that something is wrong. Instead, reward good behavior, like when your dog is sitting quietly taking everything in. Keep this in mind when leaving and returning home. Calm hellos and goodbyes are very important for keeping an anxious dog calm.

*Treats. When you leave give your dog  a treat or something special like a kong filled with peanut butter or another healthy treat. The kong works well if the sitter doesn't arrive until later. Also, have the dogs favorite treats available for the pet sitter when she arrives.  This will help the transition go smoothly.

No matter how prepared we are when traveling we still have a nervous edge even when we know everything is going to turn out fine. Our dogs can experience the same stress when taken out of their routine whether they stay at home with the pet sitter or go to a pet hotel.  Your dog may even view a new routine or location as a complete disaster and act accordingly. Think about it from a four legged perspective. Your pet is seeing and smelling all new  people and things. We know everything will be back to normal soon, but they're not convinced.

Here are some signs that your pet may be experiencing separation anxiety:

* restlessness and pacing          *crying          *howling          *drooling

*excessive barking          *sweaty paws          *urinating in the house

*accidents in the house          *loose stools